Electrical Weed Control

Ubiqutek proud to support 2014 Amenity Forum Conference & Exhibition

Ubiqutek are proud to be a supporter of the 2014 Amenity Forum Conference & Exhibition, to be held at the King Power Stadium in Leicester, UK on October 16th.

We will be exhibiting at the event and look forward to meeting people from across the amenity sector. We plan to share our progress on developing electrical weed control as a sustainable, versatile, effective and safeguarded alternative to herbicides.

Ubiqutek are pleased to support the work of the Amenity Forum, the independent body bringing together professional organisations with an involvement in the amenity horticulture sector. The Forum’s aims of promoting “best practice” and sustainable methods of integrated weed control accord strongly with our vision and values. The Annual Conference & Exhibition is a key event in bringing the sector together to address the challenges of sustainable and cost-effective weed management, encapsulated in this year’s conference theme of “Staying in Control”.