• RootWave™

    RootWave™ technology uses electricides to boil weeds inside out from the root upwards allowing Ubiqutek™ to offer the most economical and sustainable alternative weed killer available today.

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  • Environmental

    Organic with no additives or residues and suited for use where herbicides are banned or restricted.

  • Effective

    Systemically kills all species of weed.

  • Safe

    No impact to surrounding plants or wildlife with treated areas safe to return to immediately after treatment.

  • Affordable

    Lower running costs than any other weed management product.

  • Quick

    Near instantaneous treatment of weeds.

  • High utilisation

    No down time for refilling and suitable for use immediately before or after rain and in cold or windy weather.

  • Fewer retreatments

    Weeds treated without disturbing soil, which maintains soil nutrients and reduces dormant seed regrowth.

  • Future Proof

    Resistance can never develop against electricity.